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Kedir Bali's Aromatic Lavender


Kedir Bali is a pioneer Ethiopian coffee farmer that focuses on quality instead of quantity. He has taught numerous farmer to process their coffee so it can be sold as a specialty grade. This aromatic coffee only available in total of 35 bags per year and we are one of the luckiest to get it. Although not many, we believe this coffee can break your heart because it will not be available in the near future.
Coffee that came directly from one farmer that really knows how to process it usually has a lot of complexity in it. This coffee is no exception. It has a very complex aroma and flavour. In aroma we found Lavender, Black Tea and Earl Grey that even can be smelled from far away. Meanwhile, in flavour, we found delicate citrus like Lime Juice, sweetness of Chocolate and texture of Creamy Yoghurt. This coffee is a very good example of high quality aromatic Ethiopian coffee.

Origin: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
Altitude: 2000 MASL
Varietal: Heirloom
Process: Natural
Roast profile: Filter

Tasting notes:
Lavender, Black Tea, Earl Grey, Lime Juice, Chocolate, Creamy Yoghurt

IDR 150.000
Total amount: IDR 150.000
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