Oversized T-shirt Pastel Series - Light Blue
starts from IDR 150.000
HBI Joy Of Being Home Brewers Tees White
starts from IDR 125.000
Oversized T-shirt Pastel Series - Baby Pink
starts from IDR 150.000
Tote Bag : Space People
starts from IDR 120.000
Physics of Filter Coffee by Jonathan Gagne
only IDR 750.000
Oversized T-shirt Pastel Series - Lavender
starts from IDR 150.000
Space Roastery Classic Patch Logo T-Shirt
starts from IDR 125.000


Tote Bag: Revolt Industry x Space Roastery
starts from IDR 849.000 NOW IDR 424.500
Space People White Oversized T-Shirt
starts from IDR 140.000
Sip 'n' Slurp: A Guide To Expert Coffee Tasting by Freda Yuan
only IDR 300.000
Everything But Espresso by Scott Rao
only IDR 520.000
Space Tiger OVERSIZED T-SHIRT Kaos Unisex Hypebeast White
starts from IDR 175.000
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