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The Pink Mandarin

Mandarin Orange, Nectarine, Plum, Cantaloupe

The Pink Mandarin Crop 2023/2024

If we have to say only one thing why this coffee is unique, it is the fermentation. Normally, coffee only needs to be fermented once. But this coffee was fermented three times so it produces a very layered and creamy flavor. This technique is what we called PINK HONEY FERMENTATION because at the end of the fermentation, some of the coffee becomes pinkish in color as a result of the different kinds of microbes in each different kind of fermentation.

Some people choose not to drink coffee that goes through multiple fermentation because sometimes the taste can become excessive. However, the fermentation carried out in this coffee actually increased the complexity of the flavor, balanced the sweetness and the acidity, and also added a tempting creamy texture.

We are pretty sure you will find this coffee very unique especially in the MANDARIN ORANGE-like acidity, layered with sweet NECTARINE and PLUM, and the creamy and tender texture like CANTALOUPE. Be surprised.

Origin: Mount Patuha, Rancabali, West Java
Altitude: > 1500 masl
Varieties: Typica, Sigararutang, Ateng-S
Process: Pink Honey Fermentation
Roasting Profile: Best for Filter

Mandarin Orange

IDR 10.000
Total amount: IDR 10.000
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