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DOUBLE HAPPINESS: 2 x 100 grams

Two Happiness in a Box
(1 box with 2 kind of coffees) 2 x 100 grams of filter coffee

We hear you home brewers! Coffee consumption at home is increasing, we know that brewing the same coffee the whole day can be quite frustrating, so this package is the solution to your problem. Now you can brew different coffee at the same time without having to buy too many coffee. It's like killing two birds with one stone!

Please Choose:
BIRU (2 Indo): 100 grams of Gayo Apple Cider + 100 grams of Lintong Green Mango

MERAH MUDA (1 Indo 1 Imported): 100 grams of Rwanda Milk Panela + 100 grams of Lintong Green Mango

KUNING (2 Imported): 100 grams of Ethiopia Kelloo Magnolia + 100 grams of Masaguara Vanilla Chocolate

Nett weight: 200grams

IDR 140.000
Total amount: IDR 140.000
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